My name is Lindy Scott and I’m running for Congress from Illinois’ 6th District. It is time for a new voice to represent the constituency of our district. I have a fresh approach to address the challenges that we face.

I have been at Wheaton College for the last ten years where I teach Spanish and Latin American Studies. I also direct the Center for Applied Christian Ethics. Prior to coming to Wheaton I lived and taught for many years in Mexico City. I also have many years of experience in Bensenville and Des Plaines.

www.digimaxpro.com get likes on facebook My goal as a public servant is quite simple: to advance policies that seek the good of my neighbors, the well being of all of my neighbors. We need to strengthen the social fabric of our communities by implementing policies that promote and cherish life for everyone, a “seamless garment” that covers all aspects of our society. If we want a culture that promotes the well being of all, we need to move firmly in that direction.

-The Issues-

In this election season I would like to see these critical issues addressed in a more effective manner.

* An Education that Works

* Healthcare Available for Every American

* A Solid Social Security Program

* A Responsible Foreign Policy

* A Better Environment for our Children

* Fiscal Responsibility


I want to maintain an active dialogue with residents of the 6th District. Feel free to communicate with me at
(630) 871-0545 or write to me at Scott4congress@hotmail.com

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